Plant elements have the ability to manipulate the growth and movement of living plants and fungi. Below is a list of powers of the plant element seen thus far in the DAMMED universe.

Active Powers

Botanokinesis: The ability to manipulate living plant cells.

Palynokinesis: The ability to manipulate plant spores. They can do a number of things. So far they have been seen putting their targets to sleep.

Fungokinesis: The ability to manipulate fungus.

Aroma Creation: The ability to create smells from plants. Depending on the smell, this can have a wide variety of effects. The smell does not necessarily have to be pleasing.

Flora Communication: The ability to "talk" to or to understand where and how a plant is being stressed.

Botanic Camouflage: The ability to camouflage oneself easily in vegetation.

Passive Powers

Toxin Resistance: An immunity or resistance to toxins produced by plants.

Plant Aroma: An aroma around the user that is always present. The aroma may or may not be pleasant based on the species of demon among other things.

Photosynthesis: The ability to use water and sunlight to create small amounts of extra energy.

Corporeal Plant Growth: The growth of plants out of one's body.

Nature Enhancement: Helps plants grow.