The Holy sun that bears light and its rays heals all ills

Holy elements have the ability to manipulate light and energy and is associated with healing and purity. Below is a list of powers of the holy element seen thus far in the DAMMED universe.

Active Powers

Photogenesis: The ability to generate light

  • Flash: A quickly generated, extremely bright light.

Photokinesis: The ability manipulate light to suit one's needs.

  • Holy Shield: Light shaped into a thin shield or wall of defense.
  • Illusions: Light bent around an object or in a space to decieve the eye. The user of this power can make objects invisible or make things that aren't actually there. If the user conceals the object, the object still can be heard, have a heat signature drawn off of it, etc. so it is not completely indetectable.
  • Lazer Creation: The gathering of light photons to create a lazer.
  • Simulacrum: Light manipulated into intangible shapes resembling living things such as people, demons, and animals.
  • Light Walking: The ability to manipulate light so that it becomes a solid surface for the user to walk on or hover above ground

​Healing: The ability to heal injuries. The amount healed depends on what type of injury and how severe the injury is as well as how fatigued the holy user is. Healing saps a great amount of energy from the user thus full healings are rarely preformed. Death is not reversible.

  • Numb: Dulling the nerves of the user and/or others in order to be incapable of sensing pain.
  • Purify: The ability to purify the body of illness, and toxins.
  • Calming: The ability to send the target into a mentally calm state.

Light Vision: The ability to see with external light. These lights can be guided through space to observe surroundings. The user is typically left immobile until the external lights are called off.

Passive Powers

Regeneration: The automatic ability to restore the holy elemental's body back to normal after injury, poisoning, or sickness.

Light Sight: A passive, enhanced ability to see the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums that humans and most other demons cannot see.

Enhanced Immunity: An enhanced immunity towards bacteria, viruses, and other ailments that might affect the body.

  • Resistant Immune System: Not enhanced, still able to fend off simpler, more basic illness, but susceptible and highly affected by stronger ailments.

Glowing: A soft light produced by the body. This also gives the user light to work with in the darkness.