Name: Flannery Bradley
Occupation: DEVIL Assistant Project Coordinator
Birthday: 2/2/2093
Hometown: County Cork, Ireland
Reference: Deviantart

Flannery Bradley is an assistant project coordinator for DEVIL. Originally from Ireland, she is currently living in Seryy after her family was imprisoned for hunting and detaining demons after the Great Human-Demon War.


Compassionate, open minded, and conscientious. Incredibly idealistic to a fault and has perfectionist habits. She also has a tendency to be naive. 


Born in a town on the edge of a forest in County Cork, Ireland. Despite coming from a family and a town of famous and dangerous demon hunters, she rebelled against the larger think tank and shielded her younger siblings from their opinions especially after the war ended. After multiple attempts to get at least her family to change their minds and failing, she left to live in Dublin for some time occasionally returning back home to visit. During one of these visits, she came across a hitchhiker who helped her deactivate the demon fences and traps in the area and lead the capture and arrest of several important demon hunters from the war. From this hitchhiker, she also got a card for DEVIL and, which upon visiting Seryy, threw her resume at them. They offered her a job. She took it. Now she lives in Seryy to be closer to her brother and to make a larger impact on improving the world.

Personnel Notes[]

  • [Information Pending... ... ...]


  • Cillian Bradley: Younger Brother
  • Riley Bradley: Younger Brother
  • Faolan Bradley: Older Brother
  • Miles Bradley: Father
  • Dwyn Amherst: Boyfriend


  • She really loves cats
  • She plays the piano and guitar as sings as well. She's not as good as her brother instrument wise but she is pretty decent.