Facility 66 is a demon research facility located on a small island off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan. It is the headquarters of DEVIL.

Zasha Belikov and Lu were contained there upon their discovery, shortly after they were bonded. Donni Net was formerly a scientist and researcher there.

After the termination of the program, the former recruits of DAMMED were being shipped to the facility, presumably to be used as new test subjects but were able to escape. However, their escape did not last long and the bonded were eventually located, recaptured, and sent to the facility.


DEVIL bought Hashima Island from Japan in 1985 and began construction on a new headquarters for the organization. The Facility opened in early 1987. The Japanese government supported the organization's efforts up until the Great Human-Demon War when the Facility was a target of demons and hosted a newly reformed DAMMED.

Facility 66 remains to be the headquarters for the organization. The opening of the organization's HQ inspired an interest of demon research in Japan.

Facility Features

Facility 66 map by sunnymcfaceshovel-d5zqk6r.png

DEVIL Facility 66 has a multitude of buildings and sectors to accomodate different areas of research. There are also several docks and helipads for transportation to and from the island. There are several different clusters of buildings: The HQ cluster, the observation cluster, and residences for different personel including subjects. Subjects do not have access to any facility buildings other than their residences unless they are escorted.

HQ Cluster

The HQ cluster includes the HQ building and main labs as well as the offices and smaller labs of the buildings dedicated to different fields of study. These offices oversee the research done in their area not only on the island but in other DEVIL facilties across the globe.

The HQ building houses the offices of the Director and other important DEVIL officials. All major experiements are conducted in this buildings as well as houses all of the greater demons. Isolated subjects are also kept in this building.

The other buildings in the HQ each have their own smaller lab where experiments on lesser demons are carried out.


  • Facility 66 also includes several smaller islands used to observe demons in controlled ecosystems.