Demons are creatures who have access to elemental abilities inhabiting the world of DAMMED. Wild demons are full of raw, untamed energy.

Demons are broadly split into two categories: lesser demons, which are similar to animals with additional elemental powers, and greater demons, which are more powerful and akin to humans in sentience and intelligence. Both varieties tend to be hostile towards humans and would not hesitate to kill one in their territory. However, more intelligent species sometimes choose to ignore them. Out of the two, only greater demons qualify for the bonding process .

Each demon has access to a single element which they can control at will. They are broken down into eight different categories: fire, water, wind, earth, plant, electric, shadow and holy. The powers of each demon in the same element manifest themselves in different ways, eg. one fire demon specializing in temperature control and another specializing in remote spontaneous combustion.

In addition to having a more natural demon form may it be bestial or humanoid depending on the species of demon, each has a human form they can switch back and forth between. When demons are bonded, they are locked in their human form until the Bond strengthens.

For roleplay convenience, any clothing that is worn prior to shifting come back after returning to that form and will not be destroyed.

Culture and perception

Over time humans have created myths, religions and folklore which include or are inspired by demons, each of which have varying interpretations of their malevolence or benevolence. However, in reality demons have nothing to do with heaven, hell or any other plane of existence and rather are simply another brand of creatures within the world.

In the past, demons were mostly viewed negatively and seen as monsters. The demons of DAMMED were viewed mostly the same as humans, and are considered abominations to an even greater degree than wild demons. In present times, these views are considered to be archaic but there are still many humans who hold onto their prejudices.

Demon cultures differ extensively from species to species, with varying levels of complexity. Some species are solitary, others operate in groups of varying degrees of organization and hierarchy. A few species collaborate with different ones for survival. Each has their own culture, mythology, rituals and take on humans and other demons. There is an overlap with certain aspects of demon culture among multiple species, but it is not a given that a cultural characteristic of one kind of demon will be shared by others. However, despite their differences all of the demons species are aware of the existence of, and in some cases venerate, the demon monarchs.


  • The first fossil record of demons appeared around the same time as human ones.
  • Demons cannot have children with humans. It is impossible.