Demonology is the study of demons and demonic elemental powers. The subject itself is very broad and includes demon biology, taxonomy, ecology, culture, and history as well as the study of Bonding.

Prominent researchers of demons are DEVIL and DAMMED.


Throughout history, humans have taken notes on demons coming up with different classifications with each element depending on the culture but it wasn't until the late 19th century that all of that information began to become centralized into one field of study. Private research groups began to study demons but the task would prove to be too dangerous until DEVIL was founded in 1950.

Demon research exploded after DEVIL became popular in the 1970s when their anti-demon technology was developed. Universities and other private institutions began studying demons intensely but in a very unethical way. It wasn't until the Treaty of Seryy at the end of the Great Human-Demon War for such experiments to be deemed internationally illegal.

Institutions of Study


  • Donni Net developed the current element classification in use