Name: Todd Barnard
Partner: Gilbert
Element: Shadow
Age: 18
Birthday: March 28, 1997
Hometown: Taylor, Texas, USA
Reference: Deviantart

Todd Barnard is a bonded human who is currently a DEVIL research subject. He is the son of Jace Barnard, former head medic of the DAMMED program, and was formerly recruited to the program himself.

He is bonded to Gilbert, a shadow demon.

He is the president of Cillian's fan club, Membership: 1.


He takes after his father in many ways and is a huge daddy's boy, but his young age has made him quite a few notches down on the maturity level. He can be a troublesome brat, and cause quite a bit of trouble without meaning to, but in the end he always means well. He's a stubborn little piece of shit who many view as a pain in the ass. He's also a part-time emo.



He grew up mainly with his mother, a brat with a hate for demons until his visits to this father gave him a change of mind thanks to Clearly Lathyrus and Cillian Bradley. He grew a love for the thought of joining DAMMED with his father at a young age.


Year 1

After becoming the youngest recruit bonded, he found his relationship with his partner Gilbert hardly matching up with his fantasies. The two fought constantly, and neither seemed to know the meaning of partnership (however Todd puts the blame on Gilbert entirely). Punched in the face by Cillian. He deserved it. Really. Really.

Upon reaching the island and Gilbert relaxing a bit more, their relationship has become more bearable. Both are barely able to control small balls of shadow, however.



  • Umbrakinesis


  • None



He wasn't thinking all that much about bonding other than getting a cool demon like Clearly Lathyrus and cool powers, not to mention making his daddy proud, so being bonded to Gilbert came as a bit of an unpleasant shock. He thinks Gilbert's an ass and the two don't get along at all, so their powers are pretty weak.


Jace Barnard: He's a huge daddy's boy. He looks up to Jace a lot and wants to make him proud.


Winter Moon: Didn't care for her all that much on base but developed a crush after he saw a sweeter side to her. He gets easily flustered around her and acts even more stupid than usual. It doesn't help that he's seen her naked.


  • Cillian Bradley: He's looked up to Cillian like a big brother for years, ever since he helped Todd come to terms with demons during his first visit.



Not Friends


  • Emo brat