Name: Shamira Barker
Partner: Jenner
Element: Fire
Age: 31
Hometown: Australia
Reference: Deviantart

Shamira Barker is a bonded human, the former Captain of the Guard of the DAMMED program, and a DEVIL research subject. For the duration of the program, she was an unbonded human. After she became shipwrecked on the Council's island with a handful of remaining, she forcibly bonded herself to Jenner, a fire demon. Shortly after her arrival at Facility 66, she was separated from the other research subjects.

No longer available for RP purposes.


Shamira is a brave and determined woman who is obedient and excellent at following orders but who can make decisive decisions when needed. However, she is also highly prejudice against demons and condescending to most everyone else. She is utterly ruthless with her decisions and vindictive with her enemies.

Basically, a hot bitch. 



She was born into a middle-class family with a twin brother. Her father was a sportsman-type guy who enjoyed hunting. Her brother used to follow her around everywhere, looking up to her. They were both taught to hate demons, and eventually the two became demon hunters.

One day, her brother was caught by a demon and he ended up becoming paralyzed in his legs. This made her loathe demons even more than before. After some time, she became more well-known for her ability to kill demons and she was offered a job as Captain within DAMMED. 


Shamira was a captain in the DAMMED program until ending up on the island with all the others. She was doing her best to protect the gaurds, when Eztli popped up and offered for her to bond with Jenner. This revealed to her that she was bond-able. Jenner refused, but later she ambushed him and speared him through the leg to get his blood and bonded herself to him. By doing this, she would gain more power to protect herself and her squad of guards on the island.



  • Heat Manipulation: Can make things hot, really really fast, which makes things go 'bang'.


  • Being a hot betch (HAHA GET IT HOT? BEcoz she's fire element)



Her bonded partner. Their relationship is interesting... and rather awkward.




  • Lots of people

Not Friends

  • Bell: They hate each other because they're a lot alike, but mostly because Bell is the perfect definition of the monsters Shamira hates and finds demons to be.
  • All the demons


  • Everyone secretly wants to date her. Everyone. Including you.