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The Propaganda Poster Assignment was the second collaboration assignment for recruits of the Rookie rank. The recruits were given the assignment to make a propaganda poster to promote the DAMMED program. The requirements were very loose and the posters created by recruits tended to focus on the bond as well as the elemental powers.

The Assignment

"Illustrate a D.A.M.M.E.D. propaganda poster together with your partner!

Persuade possible recruits with your impressive posters."

The assignment was due a month after its assignment to recruits of the rounds that recieved it.

The Posters

  • Mika and LilaGo to
  • Mable and Calx's posterGo to
  • London and Clearly's PosterGo to
  • Leon and Tsuyu's PosterGo to
  • Winter and Addy's PosterGo to
  • Lewis and Flint's PosterGo to
  • Jared and Loki's PosterGo to
  • Cillian and Lars' PosterGo to
  • Vesper and Bat's PosterGo to
  • Dex and Marco's PosterGo to
  • Ruben and Luvia's PosterGo to
  • Kai and Alizéa's PosterGo to
  • Liet and Ambrose's PosterGo to
  • Dalton and Gereon's PosterGo to
  • Dominic and Jenner's PosterGo to
  • Rheine and Mint's PosterGo to
  • Iad and Samie's PosterGo to
  • Gioele and Cianan's PosterGo to
  • Anelace and Cece's PosterGo to