Common Name: ???
Scientific Name: Papio leo
Element: Earth

Papio Leo are a species of earth demon found in areas of West Africa such as Sierra Leone and Mali.

Flint Buxton is a papio leo who was drafted into the DAMMED program.


The scientific classification of the species comes from the latin names for the Guinea baboon located in the same region, and the lion. This is due to the species being a result of various lineages breeding together, most notably Monkey and Lion-like species.


Physically, Papio leo are an amalgamation of three or more ancient demon lineages that are suspected to have migrated from the middle east and northern Africa. The majority have the combined traits of monkeys and lions, with both genders having a form of mane, although males have more hair. Their exposed skin ranges from dark brown to deep brownish purple. All members of the species have a reinforced skull-like exoskelloton upon their face.These skulls mostly resemble the skulls of baboons or lions, but there are also records of antellope skulled females being seen within the past decade.


Papio leo are a territorial and violent species. They have proven difficult to observe both in the jungle and in the desert, as they are very wary of humans. Younger Papio leo are known to be more curious than wary of humans, but most of what is known about them is based on heresay and legends. According to local beliefs they creatures of misfortune and mischeiff it is best to avoid their territories as they are difficult to get rid of. It is assumed they are intelligent, as their are local stories of the creatures mimicking voices or tricking people to do unmentionable acts.

What is known is that sightings and stories of the species dwindle around bodies of water. It is assumed that the creatures have a dislike for the element, but this remains to be unproven.


While their habitats vary it is assumed the species is adept in sand and stone manipulation.