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Common Name: Kodemakaazo
Scientific Name: Ignis uguis
Subspecies: I. u. conscendo, I. u. Gracilis, and I. u. Septentrionalis
Element: Fire

The kodemakaazo is a species of fire demon that is found in the Rocky Mountains and foot hills.

Lars Collins is a kodemakaazo who was drafted into the DAMMED program.


The common name 'kodemakaazo', comes from the Ojibwe language. It is from the word ishkode meaning "fire" and makokaazo meaning "s/he pretends to be a bear". The colloquial abbreviation kode is often used.

The scientific name, Ignis U​nguis, is Latin, meaning "fire claw" with ignis meaning "fire" and unguis meaning "claw".

The three known surviving subspecies are; conscendo meaning "to climb, mount", gracilis meaning "slender", and septentrionalis meaning "northernly". All take their names from Latin words.