Name: Fable
Demon (Chimera )
Partner: Leander Constantine
Element: Fire
Birthday: BC
Area of Origin: Greece
Reference: Deviantart stash

Fable is a bonded fire demon and member of the island Council. He is bonded to Leander Constantine.

No longer available for RP purposes.


Fable is incredibly full of himself, stubborn, and rude. He has an animalistic nature, and he's proud of that fact. But if any good thing can be said for him, it is that he's also very loyal. 


Fable started life as the cutest little Chimera cub in the universe. He was raised by his mother with his brothers and sisters, and when he was old enough he was kicked out to learn to live on his own. He began pestering humans at this point, killing them and their livestock for food and establishing a territory for himself.

All of his killing happened to upset the locals, and hunters began to come seeking to get rid of him. Fable cut each hunter down, until one day a man named Leander showed up. Lee did more damage to him than any other opponent had, and in an attempt to poison the man Fable tried to bleed into his mouth. Instead of poisoning Lee, however, this bonded the two. Which put them in a rather awkward position when Fable turned into a naked man on top of him.

Fable thought Lee had done some kind of witchcraft to him, and he hid in the back of his cave. Meanwhile, Lee left, thinking he had kicked the demon out of Fable. But he would later return, believing that Fable's demon powers had been transfered to him. He stayed by Fable's side, whether the man liked it or not. 

Eventually, over their 2000+ year life span, they did many things and grew closer together. And then one day, the pair was recruited onto the island and joined the council.



  • Pyrogenesis: Can create his own fire
  • Pyrokinesis: Controls fire/heat


  • Heat Sensing
  • Temperature Resistance and Regulation: Fireproof
  • Lazecat


Demon Form

He's a kitty!

A chimera. Half lion, half goat, half snake. 

Human Form

He retails his horns, lion ears, and snake butt. He's also freakin' adorable. Look at his little bubu beard.


Leander Constantine

He's the only human who has gained Fable's respect. At times over their long lives the two have been friends, enemies, and lovers, but they are always an important part of each other's lives. 





Not Friends

That One Guy

Dalton Brigsby: RAAAAAAAAH


  • He can splel gewd
  • Has a butt snake