Clubs collab

From top to bottom: Cillian, Lars, Addy, Winter, Lucky and Nashita (gone).

The Clubs were a team set up during the Junior Wilderness Expedition for the first round of trainee recruits in the DAMMED program.

The team consisted of Cillian Bradley, Lars Collins, Addule, Winter Moon Tamashevska, Lucky and Nashita Hasan.

Why Put Them Together?

The members of this team were placed together because both Cillian and Addy have rather unfortunate luck. Lucky was placed on their team for good luck because they certainly need it.

Team Strategy

Using a combination of the abilities in the team, they could be almost impossible to see coming. Using light illusions on the holy end and the sound blocking capabilities on the wind end, the team could sneak up to other camps and, with the use of the fire elementals, blow up their unsuspecting opponents. The wind users could inhance the fire elementals' power and the holy pair could heal damage down to them.

For a more offensive strategy and additional protection, Clubs alligned with Jacks.

Wilderness Expedition

Camp Location and Set up

Their original camp was by the lake in which many water demons called home. After their alliance was formed with the Jacks, they moved their camp closer to them along a river. The structure was a very basic wooden one with a fire pit outside.

Performance and Major Roleplays

Overall, the team performed very well together minus a few incidents. They were among the top few groups pointwise.

Major Roleplays

Alliance with the Jacks

Cillian v. Samie

Cillian and Addy Blowing people up

Winter getting shot