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Name: Arjuna Kalyana Singh
Partner: Cianan Willard
Element: Fire
Age: 23
Birthday: December 8th, 1993
Hometown: Redding, Connecticut, USA
Reference: Deviantart

Arjuna "Argent" Kalyana Singh is a human who is currently a DEVIL research subject. He was formerly recruted to the DAMMED program, where he was drafted as a new partner for Cianan Willard, a fire demon

Shortly after his arrival at Facility 66, he transfered to a different DEVIL research facility with his partner.

No longer available for ​RP purposes.


Argent is a fairly shy young man with extraordinarly poor social skills. He's bad at starting conversations, and worse at trying to be friendly, often jumping directly to the worst conclusions. If he feels like he's been insulted, he can hold grudges for ages, and won't hesitate to antagonize his rival no matter what happens. He's quick to throw insults, and just as fast to throw a punch if he thinks he can get away with a fight.

He isn't entirely a giant asshole, and with people he doesn't hate, Argent does his best to be a good friend. He's a fairly good listener, and will do what he can to help others out, despite his intense awkwardness. He enjoys trading blows with people he likes, and is far more comfortable punching someone than trying to help them with their lives.

Argent is at his worse when it comes to talking about his romantic inclinations. He blushes at the drop of the hat, and stutters wildly, which makes it very hard for him to conceal how he feels about people. He can't stand being teased about romantic or sexual relationships, and reverts to crude swearing when cornered.



Argent was born Arjuna, to an upper-middle class family in a small town in Connecticut. He stood out like a sore thumb throughout most of his childhood, with everything about him from his name to his strict vegetarian diet marking him as an outsider. The pressure from outside was matched by his parents expectations for him, pressuring him to become a model student and harshly punishing him when he fell short. He responded rudely.


Year 1






Awkward with everyone

Cianan Willard

If the tree-house is a rockin' don't come a knockin'




Not Friends


  • Has a crappy tattoo of a cat paw on his inner thigh that he doesn't remember getting.
  • Doesn't eat meat at all, but will deny EVERYTHING OKAY (eggs and milk are cool, can handle shellfish but may or may not cry).
  • Mortally terrified of being eaten alive.
  • Also, being shocked to death AGAIN.
  • Currently unable to handle blood without vomiting.