Anti-Demon Technology is commonly used throughout first world countries in the DAMMED universe.

Considering demons are seen on a scale ranging from vermin to hellspawn by human societies, barriers are erected around heavily populated area to keep the public safe. In second world countries, third world countries, and rural areas, these barriers are not prevailent.

Any demon or bonded human cannot bypass a barrier upon contact with it. Depending on the barrier, results if they try can range from simple pressure, to a shock, to being promptly electrocuted.


In the 1970's buried in a lost cache of notes belonging to Nikola Tesla contained designs for something labelled the "Sapience Exclusionary Field Device". When engineering students at Berkley university built a prototype of the device in 1978, no noticeable electromagnetic energy was emitted, despite being connected to the power grid- in fact, it seemed to be drawing power and making it disappear.

Confused by the seemingly impossible nature of the power simply disappearing, the students left the generator running over finals week while they attended to their class projects. After a few days though, the number of demon incursions into the surrounding campus had declined to nearly zero- and the effect was spreading.

The prototype and designs were seized by the United States government almost immediately once the correlation was discovered, and the plans were distributed by allies and espionage, and the newly rechristened "Demon Barrier" technology was even offered as a goodwill gift to the Soviets, effectively bringing an end to the Cold War.


The anti-demon technology was primarily used in fencing around suburban and urban human areas as well as high security places such as power plants, military bases, etc. 

Other applications include traps and weapons often used by demon hunters.